Real Data & Event Management

  • The PI Server™ is the real-time data collection, archiving and distribution engine that powers the PI System™. The PI Server brings all relevant data from your many disparate sources into a single system, secures it so appropriate access is given to individuals based on their roles and delivers it to users at all levels of the company in a uniform and consistent manner. The PI Server optimizes data storage to provide needed fidelity while delivering data instantly. As a result, users have a comprehensive real-time and historical view into operational, IT infrastructure and business activities enabling them to make timely and profitable decisions.
  • Using the PI Server’s comprehensive calculation tools, PI System users can implement everything from simple averages and totalizations to KPI calculations and highly complex programmable calculations. These calculations transform raw data into usable information so it can be leveraged for real-time analysis, process monitoring, continuous process improvement and more.
  • The PI Advanced Computing Engine™ (PI ACE) provides both the tools to assist creation of custom calculations and the infrastructure needed to leverage them enterprise wide. Microsoft® Visual Studio® (the application used to create PI ACE calculations) along with the PI ACE Wizard provides users with complete flexibility to program and test calculation logic. Users can create a calculation once and apply that calculation to multiple assets. The PI ACE scheduler executes calculations at specified intervals or as data values are received.